Ironman Jönköping 2017

Jag måste nog lära mig att packa bättre – fick kommentaren från en av de tävlande: “Jag som tyckte triathleter hade mycket packning, men detta är ju mer…” Kolla in packningen för en roadtrip för foto. 😮 

Engagemanget för årets upplaga av Ironman i Jönköping blev något begränsat för min del, men jag fick ändå möjlighet att ta del av den fantastiska stämningen i stan och komma ut på banan och se de tävlande i action. Här är några av mina favoriter. 🙂 


Sköna minnen från Velothon Stockholm 2016

Helgen har precis passerat och jag har patrullerat Stockholms gator för att bevaka Velothon Stockholm i två dagar i helt underbart höst(?)väder. 25000 steg med 10 Kg kamerautrustning på ryggen med knäböj för att komma ner med kameran så nära marken jag bara orkar, helst varje bild – det sätter sina spår i knän och lårmuskler. 🙂

Många bilder blev det! Dagens kameror är jättebra och kan ta massor med bilder i sekunden! MEN jag har lärt mig att hålla igen, för det finns en baksida… någon ska städa materialet och gå igenom varje bild och välja ut de bästa bilderna. Det är bättre att sikta och planera noga i stället för “spray and pray”. Det senare blir otroligt tidsödande.

Häftig upplevelse att få vara mitt i detta under en helg. Här kommer några av mina favoriter:

Post race mingelbilder finns här:

Ironman Jönköping 70.3 2016

Pictures shot at Jönköping Ironman 70.3 last weekend. Special thanks to Peter who shot the photographer in action. Keep your camera at a loooow position! 🙂 Picture to be found in attached gallery.

At the end there are two images where all MC:s engaged during the race escorted the last cyclist into the transition area, nice! Hope the cyclist enjoyed it. 🙂

2016 Stockholm Triathlon Ladies Elite

First edit cut of pictures from the race this weekend, the ITU World Triathlon Series Women

Sport photography and use of flash in ambient light

I have got a few questions lately about some pictures taken and I’d like to share the “secret” in how the setup was done to take them. The short answer is – Use flash even if the sun is shining!

Backlight photo in daylight often creates silhouettes or very dark images on the shadow side of the subject. One efficient way to solve this is to add a flash to the camera. The easiest, by very seldom the best, is to use the built in on-camera flash.

The next step, try to use an off-camera flash. There are different technologies to use off-camera flashes. Both Canon and Nikon have their own systems, but my favourite is the Pocket Wizard system which enables you to not only use long distance (I have tested ~100 meter, but I know they work on longer distances by spec:s) between the camera and the flash, but as the Pocket Wizard systems are radio based, so they does not necessarily need to be in visual contact. The pictures below are used with a radio controlled Nikon Speedlight with standard sync speed 1/250 or lower. The LOWERING of sync speed is used to level the flash output against the ambient light, for example a sunset. The below pictures are taken in the hour before sunset.

Another great benefit of the Pocket Wizard system is the ability to use sync speeds above the normal 1/250. Pocket Wizard uses a system called HyperSync. HyperSync enables you to use sync speed above 1/250, for example 1/1500 – very useful in action sport photography! In this example you need to INCREASE the sync speed to keep up with the sun. Due to the power of the sun, the below pictures were taken a radio controlled Elinchrom Ranger system. The Ranger has more power than the Nikon Speedlight so in broad daylight and longer distances, the Ranger is perfect.

This was a very short description in how those pictures were taken. If you are looking for more in depth information, there are numerous articles written about it so I will not write yet another – just Goggle it! This was just a short explanation of some pictures I have taken using flash in daylight photography.

Your feedback is very welcome and appreciated! 🙂

Flashback Stockholm Triathlon 2015 – planering för sommaren…

Har just haft ett trevligt och bra uppstartsmöte med en tävlingsarrangör inför sommarens foto. Vi hoppas att kommande tävlingar bjuder på lika fint väder som 2015. Bifogar lite bilder från den gångna sommarens elittävling i Stockholm Triathlon. Återkommer med bilder från motionstävlingen lite senare. 🙂

I have just had a good startup meeting with the coordinators of a coming summer event. Let’s hope that we get as nice weather as we had last summer 2015. Attached you can find some highlights from the elite competition of Stockholm Triathlon 2015. I’ll be back later with pictures from the “weekend warrior competition”. 😉

Bring your best smile to Velothon Stockholm, 13/9

Hope to see you at the start and at the finish line of Velothon Stockholm 13/9. This time I will temporarily(?) leave my bike at home and instead bring my camera. Make sure your bike is as polished as ever before and bring your best smile to the start – …and don’t forget to keep some energy to smile when you cross the finishing line – I might catch you with the camera. 🙂

Fantastic Weekend at Ironman Kalmar 2015!!

A fantastic weekend in Kalmar have just come to an end. What a terrific arrangement, fantastic audience and 2700 awesome athletes!

The first part, the Swimming was quite a challenge in the tough headwind a (to be in Kalmar) large waves. It was even so tough so that a few athletes have to surrender early in the swim. See for yourself in the swimming pictures, imagine yourself to swim in this…

Once you have browsed the images below there are a few more under the “Portfolio” heading and Subtitle Kalmar Ironman 2015.

Unless anything else stated – any use of images from this site (Private use only) must contain byline text: “Photo: Göran Digné,” preferably with electronic link back to this site.

Enjoy! 🙂

Upcoming event: Photography at Ironman kalmar, 15/8


I have just received accreditation for photo access to Ironman the 15/8 in Kalmar which enables some nice shooting possibilities.

Possibility to get free profile picture(s): If you or any of your friends will participate in the competition and if you want some nice profile pictures from the Ironman environment you may ask them to contact me for a ad-hoc shoot if we find it possible.

Also, if you know of any other interest of pictures to be taken either at Ironman or any other similar event, you are of course also welcome to contact me. 🙂

Early morning start with Stockholm Ultra Marathon and then Kite Surfing

The wakeup call got off at 04:05… crazy? Yes, but those ultra marathon runners – they start early! Loaded the car with cameras, fresh batteries, emptied memory cards and some sandwiches, coffee for a day beside the race track. I also took the opportunity to try out some new equipment and to prepare for next weekend in Kalmar – that was good.

Wrapping up around lunch time with a short break. Then headed south to Dalarö where I was to shoot some Kite Surfers. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t too good, “only” ~6m/s. Being a cyclist I thought that was quite more than enough. When I arrived many surfers were in the water trying to get wind into the kite. Björn at Kiteboardcenter guided me about what is was all about.

Eventually the wind came and we got at least some basic shots. I will have to come back sometime later when the wind is at least twice the speed. I am glad I was the one handling the camera and not the one standing on the surfboard. 🙂