Härnösand in images

For those of you who are fond of night images or for those of you who wants to see a few pictures of Härnösand landmarks, here is something for you.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!


Stockholm December night view

Just been listening to a half day seminar about Adobe’s Lightroom product, nice stuff. If you haven’t already purchased it, buy it (However, I prefer perpetual licensing – look for that)! It the single best product to use as a digital darkroom I’d say. While still being downtown Stockholm I took a walk looking a the city life, but as you can see – there are a few shoots of the underground as well. There was this sudden heavy shower (yes, in December – I prefer snow this time of year) during the walk so I had to get shelter and decided to go back to my car by train – so, I also got some nice shots of the underground. 🙂