Flashback Stockholm Triathlon 2015 – planering för sommaren…

Har just haft ett trevligt och bra uppstartsmöte med en tävlingsarrangör inför sommarens foto. Vi hoppas att kommande tävlingar bjuder på lika fint väder som 2015. Bifogar lite bilder från den gångna sommarens elittävling i Stockholm Triathlon. Återkommer med bilder från motionstävlingen lite senare. 🙂

I have just had a good startup meeting with the coordinators of a coming summer event. Let’s hope that we get as nice weather as we had last summer 2015. Attached you can find some highlights from the elite competition of Stockholm Triathlon 2015. I’ll be back later with pictures from the “weekend warrior competition”. 😉

Härnösand in images

For those of you who are fond of night images or for those of you who wants to see a few pictures of Härnösand landmarks, here is something for you.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!


Stockholm December night view

Just been listening to a half day seminar about Adobe’s Lightroom product, nice stuff. If you haven’t already purchased it, buy it (However, I prefer perpetual licensing – look for that)! It the single best product to use as a digital darkroom I’d say. While still being downtown Stockholm I took a walk looking a the city life, but as you can see – there are a few shoots of the underground as well. There was this sudden heavy shower (yes, in December – I prefer snow this time of year) during the walk so I had to get shelter and decided to go back to my car by train – so, I also got some nice shots of the underground. 🙂

Portrait photos for FREE!

Yes, as you may have seen most photos I have published have been related to either sports or scenery. There is an empty chair to fill – I have decided to build up a more comprehensive portfolio of portraits. I have decided to give away the photo event, the shoot FOR FREE. You only pay for any images you want, and even there I give a 30% discount for those of you who have “Liked” my Facebook page. This proposal is valid through November 2015, for private and not for commercial use and for the good shots that we make (of course we will 🙂 ), I might use them in the portfolio on my website.

If you find this an interesting proposition, drop me a mail and we can take a discussion from there. My mail is: goran (at) dignephoto (dot) com

High Coast, HögaKusten

Fantastic Saturday weather in the autumn. What a perfect day to grab the camera a take some autumn pictures in one of UN’s world heritages, the High Coast (HögaKusten) in the middle of Sweden. First image, the port of the High Coast, The High Coast Bridge.

Spinning profile photo – photoshoot

This weekend I spent a few hours in a spinning gym shooting profile shots. Had the opportunity to also try out my portable studio backdrop. The good thing with the backdrop is that you don’t get to see all disturbing things around the actual shoot. But the bad thing is also you lose some (all?) of the atmosphere in the room – you might as well shoot it in your favorite studio, but then… I don’t have a spinning cycle in my studio… yet. 🙂

I told the boys that you cannot use all pictures as profile pictures in the invitation to your class – you will scare people off. Unless it’s a class for endurance threshold training. Anyway, it was great fun. 🙂

Waiting for the moon to rise…

Tonight I was out scouting shooting location for the blood moon tomorrow early, 04:47CET peak. While doing so I thought – why not shoot the moon rise… almost on all  photographers ToDo-lists every now and then.

But… due to heavy clouds to the east, I did never see the moon rise tonight. As I were downtown central Stockholm I decided, why not shoot a few landmarks though. 🙂

Wedding Rock ‘n’ Roll

Planning an event? Looking for a someone to take some shots (with the camera 😉 ) on your event? Get some inspiration from shots which I took at a wedding of the band playing Saturday night wedding Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Mods vs Rocker 2015

Some pics from a passing convoy of MCs and scooters today. 🙂