Early morning start with Stockholm Ultra Marathon and then Kite Surfing

The wakeup call got off at 04:05… crazy? Yes, but those ultra marathon runners – they start early! Loaded the car with cameras, fresh batteries, emptied memory cards and some sandwiches, coffee for a day beside the race track. I also took the opportunity to try out some new equipment and to prepare for next weekend in Kalmar – that was good.

Wrapping up around lunch time with a short break. Then headed south to Dalarö where I was to shoot some Kite Surfers. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t too good, “only” ~6m/s. Being a cyclist I thought that was quite more than enough. When I arrived many surfers were in the water trying to get wind into the kite. Björn at Kiteboardcenter guided me about what is was all about.

Eventually the wind came and we got at least some basic shots. I will have to come back sometime later when the wind is at least twice the speed. I am glad I was the one handling the camera and not the one standing on the surfboard. 🙂